K-9 Pro Popper

K-9 Pro Popper Overview

The Pro Popper control unit is used to monitor the temperature of your K-9 Partner and quickly release them into pursuit mode.

K-9 Pro Popper Screen Layout

The screen layout works injunction with the status LED located on the left side. The main screen displays the climate controls, Fan Speed, Temp and Alerts. The LED located on the left side indicates the status of your k-9 Partner, once you send you partner on pursuit this LED will display red to indicate k-9 is not available for release.

Main Button Operations

Turns Unit On/Off. Unit will turn on Automatically when a K-9 boards your cruiser.

Decreases Kennel Air Circulation.

Increases Kennel Air Circulation.

Activates the actuator to release the drivers side door, this allows your K-9 partner to start the pursuit in an instant. You must be traveling at less than 10 mph for the door to release. We do not want to be hurling our K-9 partners out of the vehicle traveling at high speed.

Sends a gesture to the K-9 sat in the kennel. This allows your K-9 partner to release the popper themself. NOTE: This will fail if the K-9 is not sat in the kennel, we need to know who to give the gesture too.

k-9 Operation

When the vehicle door is open you will notice an a step with an sit icon, simply click the icon to enter the kennel. You can exit in three different ways, Using the controller, gesture or opening the door and clicking on the stand icon located on the step. Using the gesture or controller will activate the popper and you can quickly start pursuit.

k-9 Pro Popper Efficiency Features

The K-9 Pro Popper has been coded with a few fail safe features so that it can integrate into your RP without causing any excess lag. One of these features is the auto turn off, after your K-9 partner exits your vehicle your K-9 Pro Popper will Turn off within a few seconds. Turning back on again when he enters.