Getting Gestures

  1. Click “GET Gestures” on your HUD while not in the car.
  2. A pop up menu will appear, click “Accept“ and it will place the folder into your inventory.
  3. Open your inventory and select the "Recent" tab, open the folder named “PSC- PD/FD Gestures”.

You will need to activate the gestures, see Activating Gestures below.

Activating Gestures

Right click on a gesture that you want to use, then click “Activate”. The gesture will then be highlighted inBOLDfont to show that it has been activated.

Deactivating Gestures

Right click on a gesture that you do not want to use, then click “Deactivate”. The gesture will then show in non-bold font to indicate that it has been deactivated.

Customizing Gestures

  1. Right click on a gesture then click “Open”.
  2. In the gesture editor window, you can choose to either make a combination key command or single key command. In the editor look for the words “Shortcut Key” and beside it is two drop down boxes to the right.
  3. The first box will allow you to set "Shift" or "Ctrl". The box to the right will let you set just about any key on your keyboard. Both boxes will need to be set in order to create a combination key command, if you want a single key command then only set a key with the box on the right.
  4. When done, be sure to hit “Save” before you close the gesture editor window.
  5. You can also change the name of the gesture in your inventory by right clicking the gesture and selecting “Rename”, it is recommended that you add the shortcut key in the name for easy reference.

Troubleshooting Gestures

Q: How do I get the gestures to work?

A#1: You must be sat in the drivers seat in order to use the gestures.

A#2: Gestures are not activated, please refer to Activating Gestures section above.

Q: Where are the gestures in my inventory?

A: See Unpacking Gestures above.

Q: How do I deactivate the gestures?

A: To deactivate your gestures, see Deactivating Gestures above.

Be sure to deactivate any gestures that use the same key commands. See Deactivating Gestures above. If you need to customize or change the shortcut key. See Customizing Gestures above.

Default Gesture Key Commands ON/OFF

Left Turn Signal

Right Turn Signal

Headlights / Foglights

High Beams Flash

Hazard Lights

Auto Siren



Emergency Lights

Camera View

Interior Quick Cam

Air Horn