Pro Street Update System

Update System Overview

All Pro Street vehicles include "LIFETIME" updates at no charge. We are constantly working on our scripts and builds to make them better with each new feature secondlife gives us. You can rest assure that your vehicle will always be in good working condition and that no fees will ever be charged.

Emergency Vehicle Update List Current Versions

Listed below are the current vehicles and versions in service. Check your version to make sure you are upto date. If you rez out your car it will check to make sure you have the latest version. You can also "Edit Mode" your vehicle and look at the description, the number will indicated the version.

Enforcer [Squad]Year: 2014 / V2.8

May 14th 2014

  1. BUG: Spotlight showed lightbeam when hidden.
  2. BUG: Parking Lights rear lights turned off on exit.
  3. Sound Script Updated.
  4. Udpated Rear Message Board Font.

Enforcer [Det]Year: 2014 / V2.8

May 14th 2014

  1. Release Day For 2014 Update.

Commander [Squad U.S.]Year: 2013 / Version: 1.0.5

Commander [Squad E.U.]Year: 2013 / Version: 1.0.6

Commander [Detective]Year: 2012 / Version: 5.0.3

Instigator [Squad U.S.]Year: 2013 / Version: 1.0.9

XRescue/XSWATYear: 2013 / Version: 2.0.2

DefenseYear: 2012 / Version: 5.0

PatrolYear: 2012 / Version: 3.0

EUROYear: 2012 / Version: 1.2