Bug Reporting

How To Report Bugs

  1. While stood outside the vehicle, click the hood to open it.
  2. From the Tablet, click "Engine Tuning".
  3. Click
    loads Textbox to report bugs. Please try to tell us how it happened and if its repeatable.

We are constantly working on our vehicles and bug reports are taken seriously. We are trying to provide the absolute best experience for your secondlife vehicle needs.

We will be adding a bug reporting and monitoring system to this page in the future.

Enforcer Beta Bugs Reported

  1. Hidding lightbar does not turn off local lights
  2. Speedometer does not function.
  3. Patrol Speed on radar does not function
  4. lightbar still flashes when hidden
  5. Lightbar local light show on hide
  6. Takedowns show on hidden lightbar

Dominator Beta Bugs Reported

  1. Amber white rotary lightbar colors do not show