HUD Textbar Dropdown

Textbar Overview

The Texbar is a notification device on the back of your vehicle. You can program it to display the text of your choice. You can also use the traffic directors, by clicking the arrows. If you want to change the color just click one of the preset colors, or use the "Set Text" menu to create a custom color or message.

Texbar Screen Layout

The LED display shows what is being displayed on your rear textbar.

Texbar Main Bar Controls

The main bar controls are basic Texbar on/off and Hide or show.

Turns Texbar On/Off.

Hide or Show Texbar drop-down.

Texbar Traffic Director

Go Left Anim.

Go Around Anim.

Go Right Anim.

Texbar Controls

Textbar has five preset colors and a custom color you assign.

1 - 4
Displays Presets 1 - 4.

Cycles The Presets above The Bracket (1-2) or (3-4).

Custom Color Assigned in "SET TEXT" menu.

Texbar Set Text Menu

You can Change the text for any of the 4 preset positions on the textbar. Simply click the "SET TEXT" button and you will see a pop up menu.

Preset 1
Textbox To Enter Text For Preset 1.

Preset 2
Textbox To Enter Text For Preset 2.

Preset 3
Textbox To Enter Text For Preset 3.

Preset 4
Textbox To Enter Text For Preset 4.

C Color
Textbox to Enter Custom Color (lsl Color).