Live Streaming Radio

Live Streaming Radio Overview

The radio streams live feeds from the Internet, live police, airports and weather streams. We also added a variety of radio stations, adding your own stations is not possible at the present time. We do however update our line up on a regular basis, if you have a scanner channel or radio station suggestion let us know.

Live Streaming Radio Operation

The main controls you should be familiar with play, pause, mute, volume slider. The three icons below are groups for the streams, click one of these and a list of stations in that group will show on the right side. Simply choose your station by clicking on the name.

Troubleshooting Touchscreen Tablet MediaPrim Features

If the Radio has a black or blank search page, please go thru the next few steps.

  1. Go to Avatar → Preferences → Sound & Media
  2. Make sure the “Enabled” checkbox to the right of the “Media” slider is checked (For audio, check “Streaming Music”)
  3. Make sure you have updated both Flash Player and Quicktime.
  4. Make sure that “Enable plugins” is ticked in Preferences → Network & Cache, else Flash Player or Quicktime can not be executed, and you may see a message saying: Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback.

More Information can be found on the firestorm wiki.